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Constant worryING and about animals.

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Hello I am new to this group and I got on an entered need help and this site popped up for me. The first letter I read was Godsend as they say. I have dealt with worrying about animals since a small child and people think I am silly because I am particular how I care for my cats, I have 12 cats and have places to keep this protected and comfortable.

I just had to cats dropped off last week and can't keep anymore because am 68 and have may health issues. I called the animal shelter and they said they would them if I caught them,only caught one so instead of taking the little female into shelter they dumped her at a dairy farm where they have to fend for themselves and doubt if they feed them. I am upset knowing this cat is out in cold because I had made sure these stray were warm and feed till shelter took them in, now the little female is out there by itself because couldn'the catch other cat to be with it.

We love animal so much and we are made fun up because of our feelings. People think animals have no feelingsuch but they are wrong. I am just heart broken but no much I can do for the little cat. So sad.

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Hi SuzieQ, I am a crazy cat lady also. We have 12 indoor cats. Also some feral behind our house in the woods. I totally understand how you feel. I am thinking about the poor cat to. I never call the animal shelter, as they will put them down. Unless they are a tame kitten, they haven't got much of a chance, with them. Now the poor cats are separated. My neighbor caught many of the feral last summer and took them to the shelter. I still cry about it. I dread spring, as he might go after more of them. It's a heartbreaking life, being so sensitive and ❤ caring. I sympathize with you. You're welcome to pm me anytime for cat chat. Ruby🌹

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Thank you Ruby for replying to my post will be neat to share and I won't feel alone in this situation.

Want to hear something a child I would climb the fence between our yard and the neighbors late at night to feed and water there three dogs that wasn't being taken care of by owners, I couldn't stand watching the poor things. I have been like that all through my life. If people take on an animal it is not something to be thrown away when the newest wears off. I have no respect for people that mistreat animals.

Hi Suzy, I am a cat lady too, I worry about them constantly !! Try so hard to figure out how to give them warm safe places to sleep and live, and feed them twice daily. Not an easy job. I am 68 and Widowed, life on Social security :( and have RA and a hard time getting around, bending and squatting down to feed them in separate areas, 3 to 4 foot away from each other. Plus they come at around 4 in the morning and sit out in the Freezing snow waiting so I have to get up by about 4 So I can work the stiffness out to be able to get around without too much pain. I have lots of straw spread out to snuggle in and bales stacked in my barn and in my over hang, that is attached to my Garage, Even had someone come and cut a hole in my overhang that goes into the cubboard in the Garage so they can get some heat. But its hard to no where they are sleeping, can't show them where to snuggle, they're too scared and wild. Also there are so many wild animals that take there beds, Coons, Opossums, Meaner cats. And there are soooo many mean People that do things just to be mean to these poor animals that PEOPLE get, and throw away :'( :'( Very Sad, I worry everyday, and truely Dread the winter Cuz its miserable for them and me. Then I have to be able to shovel at 5 in the morning so they will have a place to eat !! So good luck to all of us that really care about Gods critters. All we can do is try our best to help them. The little kitty has a new life now, a big barn, to catch mice in, farmers need cats so , I'm sure she will make it her home. Farms have heat in there barns and she will be safe with all the other animals.

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Judy thank you so much your reply. I am a widowed 5 years thisince next month, lost my husband and only sister 4 months apart. I know worrying about animals like a due is definitely hard on my health and worry about how long can keep doing this, thank goodness I two full knee replaces 2012 because was on a walker before that.

I tell you what makes good cat bed...totes and I put straw and.use thin StarTeam around the insides and keeps them really warm. I have a plugged in water bowl that won'the freeze.

I have so mad at myself for letting animal control drop that kitten off at dairy farms and I just keep visualizing what that little thing is going through. I just have been praying about it and hope it makes it.

I am so glad to have someone to talk to that know what we go through.

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Styrofoam was suppose to say...sorry.

SuzyQ1948, animals are treated like second class citizens. Most provide unconditional love. A lot of people just throw them away like the daily trash or much worse. My cats will be with me to the day one of us passes. Don't despair we were successful in our love and caring and there's a lot of us. My best friends need something, gotta go. May you all be happy and loved.

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