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Relationship Anxiety (Again)

I posted about a month ago about relationship worries, and here I am again. Reading my last post will give you some background and allow you to more easily understand this one. So my boyfriend and I have been together for almost 2 months now. I find that the longer we are in the relationship, the more my anxiety takes hold of me and controls me. I have been stressing out alot over the fear of losing him. I feel like he gets mad at me over every little thing. One moment he's super close, sweet, loveable, perfect and the next he's distant, angry, and not himself. It confuses me so much. I fear saying the wrong thing because these negative situations make me uncomfortable and I'd like to avoid them. Another thing that has really been bugging me is that before he dated me, he dated a girl for four years (a long time, especially considering we're only 18 now). They knew eachother since they were little kids too. They broke up right after he met me (that same week). He claims he doesn't love her and only loves me, and never felt with her how he does with me. He says it feels different and more special with me, even though we've only known eachother for such a short time. However, I noticed he finds a way to bring her up in alot of our conversations and this makes me uncomfortable. Another thing that made me extremely uncomfortable is that I caught him texting her. I told him that this makes me uncomfortable and he dismissed my feelings and said I was being stupid. He has no problem bringing up issues he has with me, yet when I bring up an issue with him, he often dismisses it as if I'm overreacting. I told him again that it made me uncomfortable and he said that he would stop talking to her if it made me feel that way. My anxiety is through the roof as I fear he is cheating on me with her, or that he will leave me for her. As a result, I tend to distance myself to avoid getting hurt. But he notices that I'm distancing myself and thinks I'm going to break up with him. Then we both distance ourselves and it feels awful. I don't know how to get over this. My anxiety takes over, controls me and doesn't allow me to enjoy anything in life. Instead of enjoying and embracing our relationship, I worry and fear and feel like I'm ruining it. Any thoughts, opinions, advice?

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Try not to stress out the little things. I'm sure everything will workout


If you have doubts about him and his faithfulness. You might be right. Listen to your heart


Try and enjoy the relationship for what it is, what will be will be, no amount of stressing or worrying can change an outcome, you can't spend your time worrying incase something may or may not happen, go with the flow, if your suspicions become a true problem and you have serious doubts then it's time to put yourself first and move on, you deserve to be treated with respect and understanding xxx


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