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Hello all :)

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Hello, I am new here. I have recently been diagnosed with health anxiety. Feel free to say hi to me. I am really looking forward to both sharing and recieving support. If anyone else here has the same troubles, please share some of your favorite coping techniques. :)

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Hi Princesspeach7 I love the name. Welcome to the forum. I recommend this forum and also the anxiety and depression support forum which is healthunlocked.com/anxiety-... I usually type the same posts in both forums that way if I don't get a response from 1 I will more than likely get a response in the other group. I have general anxiety myself for years. I don't have health anxiety as such but I do get anxious about my health sometimes and I have a tendency to overthink things. What I usually find helps is breathing techniques and just say to myself how realistic is my thinking? I used to look up symptoms but I try not to now as the internet makes every condition worse. I could type in I have a sore throat and the 1st thing you might see is throat cancer it is always the worst case scenario, so if I'm really worried I talk to someone instead of researching symptoms either my family who may have had something similar to my symptoms or my GP. Hope this helps and welcome once again.

I agree. Even if you google a pimple, somehow it ends up as cancer or another very serious condition. When you are worried, though, it is hard to stop yourself from googling.

Thank you so much for your kind and detailed response. I am starting to work on breathing techniques and have been trying to find a calming mantra. I also set an appointment with my GP after reading your response. I think that will help me to be better able to find the right kind of help. I have been trying online counseling but that just doesn't seem to be enough for me right now. I appreciate your support.

Hi there welcome aboard I too suffer with health anxiety infact there’s numerous other people who do too your not alone in this we’ve got it too

It's oddly comforting to know I'm not the only one. Feel free to reach out if you need support.

Thank you same to you

I don’t suffer with health anxiety as such. I used to and had therapy. It taught me that we can’t control some things so why worry about them? I just lost my Nanna and my Mam to cancer and once upon a time I would be freaking out as one was breast and one ovarian but my mindset now is “what will be will be”. I have no control over it.

I'm really trying to work on that mindset. Both of my grandpa's have heart problems. One actually had open heart surgery today and the other gets his surgery on Thursday. It really hits home when it's someone close to you. It makes me feel so hopeful that you were able to overcome this obstacle. Thank you for sharing with me.

I hope your grandpa’s are on the mend soon. ❤️

Hi Princess Peach7 Welcome to this community. Really wonderful supportive people on this platform. Reach out anytime. (((PrincessPeach7)))

Thank you so much!

Hello PrincessPeach7 welcome

You're quite welcome, PrinessPeach7. By the way, one of my favorite movies is The Excorcist...not so much because it's scary but because of the way the priest tries to figure out reasons for the little girls behavior other than demonic. I also suffer from anxiety and loved trigonometry and calculus as an undergraduate. I use slow deep breathing, muscle tension relaxation, and visualization to help me with my anxiety. Reach out to share any time, Leon

Thanks Leon! I also loved trig 😀

What do you like about trig? I like the beauty of the symmetry of the unit circle, (, i.e. the sin curve , etc).

Yes the bad anxiety that consumes you there's no good in it I have fight or flight most days I struggle but hello and welcome to this supportive group x

I too feel fight or flight. It's really debilitating sometimes. Feel free to reach out if you need extra support.

Hello. I think I'm in the same boat. But haven't seen a psych. Do you have proof for yourself, maybe through therapy, that you worry about otherwise normal ups and downs with your body and freak out? It's getting out of control for me. I need to convince myself that these worries are baseless and the problems are not real. When my heartbeat gets faster, if it catches me by surprise I panic and it gets even worse and then my blood pressure goes high, I feel dizzy and weak. Then that fear stays for days. I'd like to hear about your diagnosis and what kind of therapy of meds you've been given that worked.

Sorry for the late reply. I just started Citalopram on Wednesday night and have been struggling a lot. It's been almost constant but I've been told if I can get through the first few weeks I will feel normal again so I'm just coping for now.. I have seen my GP and have been referred to a mental health therapy center. I'm not sure when I'll be able to get in there since my insurance won't cover mental health treatment. I can pay out of pocket but I'm not sure the facility will accept that.I've been struggling with the panic attacks for about 6 months, but they became more and more frequent until they were basically several times a day and night. Some days are better than others. I am just starting treatment so I don't have a lot of advice. But, I'd recommend bringing it up to your doctor sooner rather than later. If I had faced this 3 months ago when things were getting worse, I would already be better by now. So don't be nervous and don't wait.

Hi all! I am new to this forum and hope to have the support I lack on my side of the world.

Princess Peach, I also suffer from health anxiety. I have been a hypochondriac since a young age and it has progressed throughout the years. I can’t seem to stay away from Mayo Clinic and am constantly diagnosing myself 😔 I find myself forgetting if I even experienced a symptom or if developed a symptom from reading about it. It’s the worst. It’s detrimental to me and those around me; my children. Some days all I want to do is stay in bed to avoid making anyone miserable. Other days I push to feel better, to shake it off. The demon is usually there waiting on me once again. Any symptom will trigger this anxiety. I’ve had GI issues since 2016 and was told it was all due to my anxiety and stress.

Here for insight and to share support to anyone who needs it. Hugs.

I'm so sorry to hear that. I agree that some days are better than others. I just started citalopram on Wednesday night in hopes that I will be able to function and feel better soon. I am also really pushing to get into therapy asap. Do you have any sort of treatment plan that you use?

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