Erm what Was that?

Hey guys so I went to the doctors and described every single pain and feeling I have felt in my head, my doctor said it was anything that signs off as serious no matter how much I believe it's some bring extremely bad and we went over it so throughly I believed him. It down to my neck muscles and my jaw we believe alongside sinuses that causes pressure sides of hewd and dizziness and my neck pain. Anyway I was just laying here casually as you do at night and suddenly just got s sharp hot pain just one quick strike on side of my head like someone stabbed me lightly and it just went instantly. Was it an ice pick headache I've heard my doctor briefly mention it and I believe it was one I hope it isn't serious either way it's sent me into panic mode hence why I'm here now haha. Damn my anxiety was getting better too!! Am I dying? Any reassurance would be good


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  • Anxiety is a mean ole' SOB. You need to read the book DARE and read some stuff by John Sarno who explains how our bodies give us pain and anxiety when we need to vent our anger instead. Interesting stuff.

    Illness does not give us anxiety. Anxiety gives us harmless pain that warns us that we need rest and release, but we are not ill or dying. In fact, we are very much alive and our bodies are so healthy that they are giving us some signs that we need to relax, refresh, rethink, and love ourselves.

  • A lot of the pains I feel are genuinely caused by something such as my neck for instance and my jaw. But little phantom pains like that that are quite extreme but last a split second do worry me a little

  • Everyone feels some sort of pain everyday. Those of us with anxiety make the normal pains into something horrible. Neck and jaw pain is so common. It comes from clenching, using, moving...just normal human stuff. Stretch and relax. Get a massage. It helps.

  • Definitely sounds like anxiety

  • Very irritating I was starting to get better and just forget about it then bang

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