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Anxiety attack in the movie theatre 😩

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So I used some cologne before I came into the theatre and im currently sitting here panicking because I somehow believe I am allergic to it idk

I'm kinds freaking out

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Hi SvvvgeTvbuu, Is it any better yet? I doubt if you are allergic to it. It's more a less

the scent itself triggered something in your mind which started the panic.

I hope that's the case because it was so bad I had to leave the theatre and make plans to come back later tonight hopefully,

I have health anxiety really bad so I'm over obsessive when it comes to thinking I'm allergic to everything

I hate it 😩😩πŸ˜ͺ

I understand, I know how scary as well as frustrating it can be when our minds get filled with negative thoughts. I really do hope you go back tonight, not only to enjoy the movie but to not make anxiety dictate where you can go. Let us know the outcome when you get back tonight. Meanwhile, shower and get that scent off which should help. My best.

Anxiety patients are very sensitive to odors, lights and sounds.

You've used it before and nothing has happened. People around have cologne on and its never bothered you before, so it is not going to bother you now. Focus on the movie and enjoy yourself.

I'm currently sitting in the car because I thought my throats was gonna close up or something 😭

You should start thinking to yourself on what is actually happening. If you could breathe, you wouldnt be able to walk out of the theatre or walk to your car OR talk on this wonderful website =).

Rationalize and see what happens.

Dragon ball z is helping at the moment but I'll keep an update !

SvvvgeTvbuu, Your throat muscles are reacting to you having gotten scared. It's not going to close up or anything. Sip some water if you have it. While you are in the car, close your eyes and try deep breathing and focusing on something else in the distant. Maybe a sign in the parking lot or watch other people coming and going. In other words you want to distract yourself. You will be okay. This is anxiety playing this game with you.

Let me know how you are right now?

Just an update I feel sooooo much better now that I'm home wrapped up in my blanket, I ate a bunch and drank some water.

I just let my mind get the best of me, my health anxiety is so bad if something like my tongue swells a little I instantly think it's game over 😩😩

Thank you for the advice ! ❀️

You are more than welcome. Enjoy your evening.

Hi, I came onto this thread to see if I could help you (a bit late, I know) but Agora1 has completely got it covered :-) Great advice :-) I had a panic attack in the cinema once and it was (as I'm sure you'll know) no joke. I was paralysed with fear. The funny thing is, I remember what film was playing. It was The Muppet Christmas Carol :-) As we all know, a panic attack can happen at any time - I am certainly not dissing the Muppets :-D

masteringmyself in reply to NFDK

That must've been one hell of a movie to have a panic attack through πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

I had one once when I was watching that movie with the bear TED but eventually calmed down.

That's probably one of the worst places to have one

Breaking News from Mental Health HQ!

Stuffed puppets and soft toys main cause of panic attacks.....

masteringmyself in reply to NFDK


Good way to find humor out of a panicky situation

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