Palpitations help me out

Why is it when you are completely relaxed your still getting palpitations.. was at Dr's 2 weeks ago he listened to my heart and that was it just put it down to anxiety ! Can anyone help me out lol x


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  • Hi xogemxo, I know the frustration of it all. The thing is whether you feel completely relaxed or not, your adrenaline is still in overdrive. Waiting for a thought, an emotion, a sound, a sight to fire it all up again. Our bodies may be in a relaxed mode but our minds and heart aren't and so the palps remain.

  • It makes u feel awful doesn't it lol ... sitting watchin TV and all randomly they start so ur mind feels like there's definitely something there ... am a weirdo

  • No you're not a weirdo just another anxiety ridden person taking the waves of adrenaline. Try making sure your are hydrating enough. That will help with the palps. Another thing is accepting that it is not dangerous. That in itself will reduce the symptoms. Take care.

  • Thank u so much I do feel so much better xx

  • You'll be fine just keep in mind your nerves and adrenaline can stay active for months after you calm down if you've had anxiety for a long time. It sucks but palps during calm is a good sign. You're body's working it off.

  • Awww thank u how do use no all this 😅 not Even a dr could explain it better x thank u loads x

  • Well there are people who get palps for no reason. Normal stress levels so he could just think you're a person who just gets them. But when I hear someone has anxiety its obvious the cause to me. I'm not doctor but go on YouTube and check out York Cardiology. He's the best at explaining it. He's a heart doctor.

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