Worried while waiting on breast MRI results making me anxiously sick

I'm freaking myself out to the point of hyperventilating and still breaking down into tears. I'm so afraid of what they are going to say. They did the MRI because this time I tried the 3D mammogram that showed an inconclusive shadow and ultrasound showed nothing so they wanted an MRI . Why didn't they just go with the ultrasound ? That makes me think something's wrong !! Could the mamm see something that an ultrasound can't find and the MRI can see? Not sure if I'm making sense on that last sentence , I'm so nervous. Please help!


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7 Replies

  • Lynl, what you are going through and experiencing is scary, so be gentle with yourself. Do you have someone you can lean on and talk to?

    My wife has been through some scares (lumps) which turned out to be nothing but benign cysts. The unknown is scary, but remember that the odds are very good that it is nothing and you are fine. Try to focus on and believe that the best you can. Also remember that 95% (roughly) of the things we worry about NEVER happen.

    Finally, IF (and its a big IF) there is something, it can be fixed. People are cured of illness everyday and medical technology is he best its ever been.

    I'm praying for your peace of mind and health and looking forward to a happy update.

  • Thank You So Much. Yes my family , Husband, son, & daughter are very good at tryin to help me not jump to conclusions and deal with my freaking out pretty well, but yes the unknown and waiting is driving me nuts. I've been keeping very busy . Thank You for The Prayers I do appreciate everyone of them.

  • You bet. It's going to be ok.

  • It's awful waiting isn't it? Like sully said 95 percent of what we worry about never happens. You are going to feel so much better very soon I just know it. Hang in there! You can do this!

  • Oh my gosh , I hope so! I just called the hospital for the third time to see if they read it and no they havnt ... Ugh... My mind is wearing me out. Everything I do today I do as quick as I can so in case they call I won't be I. A store line, or cutting someone's hair, I want to be somewhere quiet so I can talk . I told you im going nuts here.

  • I remember waiting for results I was so jumpy every Lil noise every time the phone rang my heart went to my throat was a nervous wreck for sure.

  • Yes that's what's happening . The phone rings and my heart races , they are trying to get them read by 4:30 because my doctor leaves then . If not, then tomorrow , and that's the anniversary of my dads death. Then my mind races about getting results on that day!

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