Have you tried stretching or working out ?

So last night I posted about a horrrrrid anxiety attack, and in the midst of it I remembered how relaxed I get when I'm at the gym.

So instantly I started stretching out, breathing deeply and focusing on positive thoughts

And to my surprise after a few minutes of stretching and relaxed breathing I felt so much more calm


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7 Replies

  • Going to try that sometime :)

  • Exercise is great for burning off all that excessive adrenaline produced by anxiety and brings temporary relief. Actual recovery comes if you learn to face and accept the anxiety attacks and see them through to the other side and not running away from the thoughts and feelings or using avoidance techniques. This means being ok about not feeling ok and doing absolutely nothing to try to stop yourself from feeling the symptoms of anxiety. If you do nothing, you send a message to your brain that there is no threat and the body's natural fight/flight response isn't triggered into action so swiftly and with such force. The more you practice acceptance, the less you will care about the symptoms and the anxiety will lose its power and gradually disappear.

    Hope this helps.

  • That's something I'll have to develop overtime the "feeling okay about not feeling okay" kind of mindset thank you!

  • This is true. You're not truly recovered until you can sit with it and let it pass. But exercise is like a much safer non addicting Xanax. Plus i find I recover much quicker from panic attacks when in shape. Heart rate goes down sooner just like it would after training when you're in shape.

  • I cannot stress enough the importance of exercise. I'm by no means a health nut and literally workout for the mental benefits not the physical ones. But you get both.

  • I reckon I could have become an Olympian due to the amount of exercise I used to do to rid myself of anxiety. 🏊🏼🚴🏼⛹🏻⚽️

    Temporary relief brought peace of mind and body and helped me understand that anxiety was just one big bluff, albeit a good one. In turn, this helped me to accept the symptoms more easily (still hard at first) and not pay them any respect, thus allowing my mind and body the chance to recover, instead of me constantly worrying about how I felt which just fed the anxiety.

    Whilst exercise played an important part of my recovery, Learning to cope with the symptoms the right way (through acceptance) when they were running riot is absolutely key.

  • Hell yeah man rock on much love for the positivite energy you're bringing.

    It's all in the head and it just takes us realizing that it's all just a feeling and once you think about it you give that idea room to grow

    So I know for myself I need to learn to ignore negative thoughts and negative thinking

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