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Its a long dark road

Its a long dark road

Its a long dark road . scary .fear

Iam not going to lie i been suicidal but never had the guts just want to be happy ones again ..

I thank everyone that live comments and messages thank u for the kind Worth's ...

I will try to be strong again it will take time but I hope and pry for the best

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I am so sorry that you have been going through what sounds like a really rough time

I hope you are getting support and talking with your Doctor about how you feel :-)

I know you are already strong , I think people with anxiety are really strong deep down because of how we cope even when we feel we are not coping somehow we do

You will get back on track again , be kind and patient with yourself and slowly it will happen :-)

Take Care x


Hi please be strong I'm the same into it's hard but we can fight this we Carnot let this beat us x


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