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Experienceing some new symptoms

Hi guys how you all doing? Right so past 4 days and so on, I have been feeling like I can't find my heart beat when relaxed, which then makes my anxiety come on bad! And then after am literally sat there feeling for a heart beat and a pulse! This may last around 10 minutes! It's like my body's about to shut down but I knows it's not because am still moving about and doing things! I just hate anxiety I wish I never had it! I got diagnosed 2 years ago! Which in that time I had some tests done and all came back normal! Also suffered horrible panic attacks! Just wanted to share this one with you guys if you kinda suffer with the same symptoms please let me know.


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I get the same thing. It can be just as alarming as a rapid heartbeat because you're so accustomed to feeling all the weird things you think your body does, when you can't feel anything at all of course it's worrying! Generally I can find my pulse within a minute or two and then I calm down.

I know it's really hard but maybe next time you feel it, try not to check for your pulse? You know you're not shutting down, maybe you can talk yourself out of panic by repeating positive affirmations to yourself. Or jog on the spot to prove that you're functioning perfectly normally (which should also make your heartbeat stronger anyway so doubly reassuring).

I'm sure this is all normal and we are both fine, but like I said, we are so used to feeling things in our body because of the hypersensitivity that comes with anxiety. Try and let yourself be calm! Hopefully you find some peace :)

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