Hi everyone!

This might be a little long so please bare with me.

I suffer with menstrual headaches that usually go away with ibuprofen but this month my headache lasted for a week and no amount of ibuprofen would budge it! I ended up going to the hospital, they gave me two panadine forte and two ibuprofen to take in one go and that seemed to help. I didn't have any throwing up and no fever just the headache on the right side of my head.

But now I have this awful head pressure on the top of my head and behind my eyes, the doctor did some neurological exams (walking in a line, touching and looking at her fingers etc) and said there was no sign of anything sinister.

So WHY do I have this pressure behind my eyes and my head?? I am so scared I have a brain tumour it's making me sick from worrying so much!

Has anyone else experienced this with their anxiety?? :(


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  • Hi... I've had exactly the same .. Very often at the end of period .. For at least a week after now I'm still struggling with head pressure on the top of my head into forehead to bridge of nose.. It comes on quiet heavy then subsides and comes again.. Even effect my balance on standing ..I've consoled myself that these are not sinister symptoms .. It's to local and not deep seated.. It's possible hormonal or even sinus related ..or just tension , yes tension.. Stop panicking , you've been checked over .. And no painkillers won't work , only relaxing and keep very hydrated and rest... Hope this helps , you're not on your own .

  • Thank you so much for your reply

    It feels good knowing I'm not the only one going through this xxx

  • Good advice...if your hormone check was OK and your other basics were normal...try getting your thyroid checked, you just may need some extra thyroxine.

  • Yes worrying about a brain tumour will make things worse and is one of the common patterns of health anxiety. The more you consult and are investigated, the more it reinforces this thinking.

    Have you had other anxiety problems in the past?

    You need to work on changing your thinking with meditation, mindfulness etc.

    If you get definite neurological signs such as limb weakness, collapsing, loss of vision then it clearly needs further investigation, but otherwise it's trying to settle your thinking

  • Yeah I've had anxiety for the past two years with all sorts of physical symptoms. I'm just so scared and worried :(

    I know it's probably nothing and just all in my head but it feels so real.

  • i know your reply wasnt meant for me but thanks for that anyway because im fearing a brain tumour as well (it all started with a damn headache now im making things worse by worrying daily). thanks for easing me a little!!

  • So you know that you are your worst enemy and thinking will make things worse, so you need to avoid writing down anything about any symptoms, never Google symptoms, do lots of exercise, hobbies and social contact

  • Thank you so much

  • Sounds like me. I've always gotten headaches with my period, usually a couple before or during period. Once my anxiety started (about 3 years ago) I started getting headaches all the time that wouldn't go away with Advil which used to do the trick. The headaches turned into migraines over time. I never had migraines before anxiety became a part of my life. I'm deathly afraid of them now and the more I worry about them or think about them the worse they get and more frequent. It's hard though because I can't change how afraid I am...

    I hope you start feeling better!

  • Hi hunni i get exactly the same headache especially when im stressed or had alot of anxiety my doctor says its a tension headache cuz im so tensed up and worrying about every small pain i get he said im doing it to myself with stressing but i cant help it neither of us who suffer can we? What does me is all the physical symptoms we get while having anxiety attacks i always thinking im dying and then make myself and my symptoms 100 times worse. Wen i have my anxiety episodes i write down every feeling every pain every emotion and wen my anxiety passes for a little and comes back i think ive got brain tumors the big 'c anything life threatening but wen i go back to book and read what i was like last time its identical so its a horrid vicious cycle i think we need to try and train ourselves to think differently but its not that easy is it. Hope u feel better soon inbox me if u need a chat

  • Thank you so much xx

  • Hi Renee111, I did suffer for years from menstrual migraines. Same as you, no vomiting or fever. Pain was intense on the right side of my head as well as head pressure and behind my eyes. Neurologists also told me nothing sinister was going on. That everything I was feeling was connected to the dilation of the blood vessels in my head due to migraines. I was given Darvocette as well as Xanax at the time. (Darvocette is no longer on the market) It did work for me as long as it was a one time dose. I was told never to take pain medication whether prescribed or OTC daily or you will go into rebound headaches. Sounds like what you have experienced leading you to the ER. After taking a pain medication, you need to know there will be some residual pain or soreness in the head and eyes the day after. Best thing is to just see it through. There was a time I was bedridden with every episode of these migraines. Once I learned to relax and float through the pain, I was able to work again. Whenever one of these headaches would come up, I'd take a Cup of Coffee along with the pain pill and Xanax (to avoid the caffeine kickback) and I was fine. With headaches less is more when dealing with pain medication. I hope this helps you some Renee. Feel better.

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