Well i am on a search. I cannot live like this anymore. 6 years is enough. I cant see straight always feel like i am going to faint dizzy irritated rage panic etc. My dr just put me on lithium. Side effects were awful. Stopped taking it. I am so very sensitive to meds and idk where to begin. I will never take another benzo. Any suggestions? I cant take anything that causes insomnia tho.


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  • I've recently had a nightmarish time with meds, but how someone reacts to meds is individual.

    For me citalopram and sertraline produced unmanageable side effects. But venlafaxine and fluoxetine have worked. Day 1-7 of any AD is horrible I'd get Dr to give you low dose diazepam with it. I'm on day 12 or fluoxetine and diazepam( after coming off meds on my own 6 months ago - ha Not wise or advisable) feeling better than before I went on them but the anxiety and depression and dizzinessin the first week was horrible.

    Get your bp checked also if sleep is a problem a tiny dose of phenergen may help :) keep going , keep your head up x

  • I refuse to take a benzo again. i have just come off of klonopin a couple months ago and it is nightmare. What are the brand names of the medications you were talking about? i was also thinking of trying lyrica or gabapentin also. Since my nervous system is fried.

  • Phenergan is the brand name for.promethazine. Prozac is the brand name for fluoxetine,hope this helps .Pregablin (lyrica) or a small dose of quetiapine can produce anti anxiety effects but you need to balance out the side effects. I went on.quetiapine and hated it too out of it. Pregablin tried very briefly but

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