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Well i am on a search. I cannot live like this anymore. 6 years is enough. I cant see straight always feel like i am going to faint dizzy irritated rage panic etc. My dr just put me on lithium. Side effects were awful. Stopped taking it. I am so very sensitive to meds and idk where to begin. I will never take another benzo. Any suggestions? I cant take anything that causes insomnia tho.

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I've recently had a nightmarish time with meds, but how someone reacts to meds is individual.

For me citalopram and sertraline produced unmanageable side effects. But venlafaxine and fluoxetine have worked. Day 1-7 of any AD is horrible I'd get Dr to give you low dose diazepam with it. I'm on day 12 or fluoxetine and diazepam( after coming off meds on my own 6 months ago - ha Not wise or advisable) feeling better than before I went on them but the anxiety and depression and dizzinessin the first week was horrible.

Get your bp checked also if sleep is a problem a tiny dose of phenergen may help :) keep going , keep your head up x


I refuse to take a benzo again. i have just come off of klonopin a couple months ago and it is nightmare. What are the brand names of the medications you were talking about? i was also thinking of trying lyrica or gabapentin also. Since my nervous system is fried.


Phenergan is the brand name for.promethazine. Prozac is the brand name for fluoxetine,hope this helps .Pregablin (lyrica) or a small dose of quetiapine can produce anti anxiety effects but you need to balance out the side effects. I went on.quetiapine and hated it made.me.feel too out of it. Pregablin tried very briefly but made.me.feel.high.


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