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Rough couple of days

Hey guys, anxiety is slowly but surely increasing day by day this week. I went drinking last night, so I know that's why I feel so crazy today. Although, the main reason for the anxiety lately is because found a couple of bumps on the shaft of my unit. The bumps freaked me out and i messed with them... Now i've got a scab and am completely convinced i have herpes. The most recent sexual partner I've had says that she is clean... not sure if I should wait and see if it goes away after a little while or to get checked just to be sure.

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Hi austinluck21, Oh please don't wait. It is always best to have it checked out by your doctor or clinic. If it needs treatment, the sooner it is started the better. No need for embarrassment, there isn't anything a doctor hasn't seen. It will put your mind at ease.

Good Luck


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