Feeling rough

Pain in my arms, legs, hands, feet and now ribs. If I move my toes I get cramp but docs can't find a reason. I am sure HA is making matters worse but convinced I have a physical illness underlying. My thoughts are either fibromyalgia or lupus. How is everyone? One day we will all say that "we have no stress, no anxiety or physical symptoms". Well we can dream.


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  • Morning Holly

    Sorry you are feeling rough

    I get mild Fibro , which can be worse like now when I have flu , but for some reason the Fibro doesnt scare me as such

    My main one at the moment is a BT , as I have had 3 migraines in 5 weeks , so I am not very positive & about as much use as a chocolate tea pot today !

    Maybe you have a bit of cold coming on there is so much going about

    Hope you feel better later :-)




  • Sorry both of you are not well.

    I can just imagine the variety of different illnesses that have popped into your minds over the last few days!

    I say that tongue in cheek as I too only need a small thing to set me off on a Googling session!

  • Bramwell

    I wouldnt even dare look on google at the mo , I would be on to my GP screaming if I did , enough of my own thoughts going of here believe me , was thinking about phoning her this morning to tell her what my conclusions were on whats happening to me , just resisted though :-/


  • I'm sure your doctor would be most impressed by your thoughts on what was wrong with you! She has had countless years training and is actually diagnosing people but we have the advantage as we have our mate Dr Google who is infallible at getting to the root illness which is, of course, the worst that can be found.

    Who needs medical staff when Dr Google can pop up in your living room and scare you senseless in a few keyboard strokes! :-)

  • I went to see a private GP and got round it that way

  • Hi bramwell of course you are right. Just would like a diagnosis. Do try and not go on the net but sometimes can't help myself. Had this present problem 7 months

  • Hi Holly,

    sorry you are feeling rough, I sometimes think of going to a private doctor but that is how far it go's thinking about it.

    Hope you are feeling a bit better now and have a peaceful night.

  • I went because it was such a long wait to see my GP

  • My problem is that in the past if I have received the all clear my symptoms have gone away but not in this case. Surely not everything can be anxiety related

  • Hi holly sorry to hear ur feeling poorly. Iam the same though I have the all clear but my symptoms are still at large especially palpatations and chest sensations and pain. Hope u feel better soon and get to see ur gp

  • Glad to hear I am not on my own. Take care

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