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Medical Panick attacks dizzyness

Had a bad medical expeirnce 2 years ago, always suffered with abit of panick attacks and allot of anxiety but this got better over about 7 years time but since this insistent I nearly died due to hospital not acting quick enough, and ever since I've been scared to death of taking any tablets incase I get side effects and every time I'm unwell I spend all my time worrying but this time I'm really bad I've basically got vertigo I am so dizzy I can't stand up and I'm not hungry so I am week I've been having panick attacks all day crying all day and made my partner take time off work to look after me because I'm so scared, I don't trust what the doctors say and I can't take any medication because it sets off my panick attacks!

So scared something is seriously wrong with me I don't even know why I am so dizzy and I can't eat anything 😞 Feel like I'm never going to get better and I'm so tired of panicking every minute of the day seems to be getting worse

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Good that you have a partner. Sounds like your partner is understanding and caring, too. That said, panic is one thing...feeling dizzy another . Pay attention to your balance and breathing, just for ten or fifteen seconds. A simple "time out" to rest and retune by spending ten seconds just on observing yourself.


Man I feel you right about now

I thought It was just the marijuana messing with my head but I even stopped smoking for a bit and it still happens

Like right now I feel insane like something is wrong with me


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