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Kissing with Mouth ulcer HIV Risk

Hi Sir,

I have visited a strip club last Monday and took a lap dance. During that dance

1. I have touched her boobs and pressed too for couple of minutes

2. I have touched her Vagina from out side couple of times but did not insert my finger into her Vagina

3. Through out the dance I was completely dressed

4. I did not have any kind of sexual intercourse with her.

5. During the dance she kissed on my lips couple of times (for 1 or 2 seconds each time)... as far as I remember I kept my mouth closed.

My worry is: when she kissed me I had a mouth ulcer (not sure of any cracks on my lips)

Now I'm getting terrified by thinking that, what if she passed some blood into my mouth and her blood contact my ulcer?

As far as I remember I did not taste any fluid in my mouth when she kissed me. but I'm really worried about this incident.

Is there any HIV risk? I'm planning to go for PCR RNA test in couple of days, is that fine?

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It sounds very unlikely. HIV can't normally be spread by kissing as saliva acts against it.

She would have needed to have been bleeding in her mouth and you would need to be extremely unlucky and of course it would be irresponsible of her to behave in this way if she were hiv positive.

So all in all it's extremely unlikely. Maybe you are more likely to be run over by a car, but don't start worrying about that.

Your blood test should clarify matters shortly though.


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