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So I was taking lexapro 25mg and I started waking up at 5-6am with anxiety and shakiness every morning. My dr said to back down to 20mg and see what happens as 25mg might be to much. So I went down to 20mg and started to feel better less shakiness and after a while was no longer waking up with anxiety and could sleep in and take naps again. Fast forward 5 months and I am now going thru the same thing again. Anxiety waking me up at 5-6 am with anxiety lasting throughout the day until the evening time. I hVe had to take more xanax than I like to. So last night I split my lexapro and took only 15mg. Still woke up with anxiety but it seems to be not as bad today. Why would this happen. Normally if u have breakthrough anxiety you would up your dose not lower it. I have been on lexapro 15 years on and off and never had this issue.Anybody ever heard of this before?


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  • Anyone????

  • I saw no one replied.. I am on Klonopin take twice a day and I am on the lowest dose. When I first started taking it it went great. But now I wake up early. And I have some break through anxiety through out the day. It is awful. I don't want to up me dosage tho cause I would like to get off of these one day

  • Other than that I know nothing about it :( sorry I couldn't be much help. I would call your doctor and see what they say or recommend

  • Thanks Rissa I have a call into my dr waiting for him to get back to me. I've never had these issues with lexapro before. Don't know if it's due to me getting older and hormones that's affecting it or not. Just need some direction but am not to confident about my psych dr right now. He is old school and keeps telling me take my xanax but I worry about getting stuck on that too. And I feel if I'm on lexapro I shouldn't need the xanax at least I haven't for years.

  • Cares179, I've been on the same meds as you. Let us know if you did get to talk with your psych dr before I tell you a little bit about what I feel is going on regarding your symptoms. Take care.

  • He said nothing but continue taking 15mg or go down to 10mg if I want and take my Xanax. I've already made another appt with pdoc but can't get in until February.. ugh

    Agora1 any info you can give would be great!

  • Cares179, I'm glad you are seeing another pdoc even though there is a wait. Waking up 5-6am in panic is because the cortisol is at it's highest peak at that time. That being said, I'm also on 15mg Lexapro, had started on 10. While on that I was also put on Xanax 0.25mg every day until finally one day, I was shaking, trembling and out of my mind with fear that I was going crazy. I was in "withdrawal". I was in disbelief since I was well medicated. The withdrawal part was Xanax no longer working for me and my body wanting more to get the same effect. I researched it and went to meetings for addicts before I was told I was now dependent on the benzo. With another doctor's approval, I was slowly weaned off the Xanax to start the healing process. I am now just left on Lexapro which hope to get off that as well some day. Feel great. I am not a doctor just another patient who like yourself wasn't sent in the right direction. I'm sure your new pdoc will have some updated way to treat you. For now, don't change anything unless your present doctor says to. I wish you well.

  • Thank u agora1 for your response. This is exactly why I don't want to take the xanax everyday!

  • I almost feel like my body itself is trying to ween me off the Lexapro! I know that makes no sense but that's what it feels like.

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