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I have had on and off hemroid as for over 27 years when I started having my kids . I have felt some loose skin around the anus but don't normally look at it and decided to and saw two little puffy non painful bumps on the anus , I had colonoscopy 3 years ago , and a lap test last month and sure that area came into view , wondering if it's normal or go get checked , there is no blood . And like I said I have had puffed skin tags for years but never really looked . Sorry if too much info but I'm nervous. Thanks for any help , lynl

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I have also suffered with this to and having had 3 children am sure this is why even though anyone can get them , but also over the years they have changed and some that were internal can pop out and become external hemorrhoids

As you have been examined I am sure they would have picked up on what you have seen but understand because of our anxiety why we worry but I wouldn't worry , maybe next time you go to the Doctors you can mention it just to give you peace of mind :-)

Hope you feel a little reassured and enjoy the rest of your weekend :-)

Take Care x

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Thank You

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