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Worried :/

Good morning peeps:)

So I get up feeling ok and quite positive,took the doggies out for their run,did the school run...

I've just got in to a letter from the NHS inviting me to a breast screening. Now I know I should go but it for some reason freaked me out. I'm only in my late 40's and thought I had a few years before I start thinking about that!! Part of me is saying run the other is saying get checked out. I'd be very grateful to the ladies out there,could you give me any advice please:) xx

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Don't be worried about it, my opinion is get it checked to be safe and it will make you feel at ease, if something was wrong I would be more happy to have found it early and get the problem sorted, everything I do now I do for my child,, we need to be healthy for the kids better then putting things off.

Glad you've had a positive morning :-) hope the day stays just as good for you xxx


Thanks hunni, your right about being healthy for your kids... Defo will go... Thankyou xx


Hey Hun, def go and get checked remember these are routine screening tests. Also they have lowered the age and woman are now invited from 45 to a screening xxx


Well worth going even if it does worry you.

My friend (in her mid 60's) had a routine screening and they found a tiny lump far too small for her to have felt.

Unfortunately it was cancerous BUT they found it so small she was in and out of hospital so quickly and with no other treatment needed apart from monitoring.

If it'd been left until she could've felt it the treatment would've been far more complicated and lengthy.


Morning Luvvi

I had my first one last year, I am 48......... I was very pleased that they've started doing them early, its a really simple thing.... and only takes a couple of mins............ I would say defo go......

I think the whole 'middle age' thing is a bit of a shocker. But defo go, its a great thing!!

Much Love

Ker xx


Hi Hun,

Your not wrong there...could of knocked me with feather:))!! I will go though, thankyou xx



Yes they can call you between 45ish & 50 , so its not unusual

I didnt say anything but I went for my first one ever about 2 months ago

Now this is the person that doesnt leave the house , has a fear of hospitals , wants to run a mile at everything yet she went

I knew if I didnt it would be very wrong of me , as this is a worry for women , yet its so simple to have done & we are lucky they offer this & you then have peace of mind

Now for me to say this , it really must be nothing , as I didnt have a problem what so ever

Its over in a few minutes & just a quick look at the pics she said everything looked fine

Then a few weeks later got a letter saying it was :)

Now if god forbid it hadnt been , at least if they catch these things quick you can be cured , even though I dont think you even have that to worry about

Go for it , one more thing you can cross of your list

In fact after having mine done , its now become a bit of a joke , because i have HA & when I am saying this & that is wrong , I get told well look after them because at least we no they are fine :-/

Tell me when you have been & I bet you wonder why you gave it a second thought , i no when I have to go in a few years again , that will be one thing I think I could even manage on my own to go to next time , it was easy peasy :-/





Once again whywhy you've calmed me down!!:)) THANKYOU:) My appointment is in 2weeks.

Just wasn't expecting it!!

I don't like hospitals either.... Have to be strong and do it,got to be done.xxx


Think thats how I felt as well , there was no warning , just a letter all of a sudden :o

Honestly , if I can do it , I no for a fact you can , bet you come back & say there was nothing to it , all us ladies have to go through , believe me this is the easiest :-/



Thanks Hun xx


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