Today was ok

Today i woke up took my son to school waited until 10.15am to go to my dr apointmemt had a rough night didnt get much sleep idk why i wasnt tired i really didnt want to go any wheres but aleep in. but i did husband is sick burning up so after my appointment i went to get meds came home made chciken soup he slept all day went to go pick up my son from school came back ate my husband is still burning it worked for a moment for a few hours now hes burning again. if this shit dont go away by tomorrow ima take him to the ER ...i really hope i dont get sick i cant aford it right now i know for damb aure no one will take care of me ....once he feels better having the kids stay awy for now. my anxiety was a bit bad but feels like my heartss going to stop i feel kinda sick now but im not showing my weakness or i will get sick i cant do it hearts beatubg weird but trying to put attention to it huy


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  • It's really nothing.. No need to fear about it... our brain like a super computer you can do anything crystal you have that in you ... it's just nothing... take a deep breath ... think what will happens nothing gonna happen listen cool music do work.. maximum try to ignore whatever you are feeling it's just feel. and you are really awesome mom and wife.. i really hattsoff

  • Thank you! i wish my husband cant think that at the end of the day when he gets mad i no good for nothing and i dont do nothing lol. i let things get to me too by words! youbmade my day thank you i do my best at all times even at my worse days too ..thank you😀😆

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