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Over it!!!

I'm 26 years old..

About 5 months ago I had my first panic attack, I was sitting watching tv then all of a sudden I started feeling very dizzy got up to get a drink of water then all of a sudden I thought I was going to pass out said to my mum and partner I don't feel very well, my heart was racing so fast they took me up to emergency ( I honestly thought I was going to die, telling them I loved them) and they told me in was having a panic attack ( had no idea what was happening to me) they sent me home! I've never felt like the same person since that all happened to me..

I had book a holiday with me partner to Thailand was terrified about going (thinking what if I get one over there) we went and had the best time, and got engaged I felt normal again! But as soon as I got home all the symptoms come back again!! Feeling heavy headed, sore ears and seeing black dots!!

I will be sitting doing nothing then all of a sudden I get this fear that I'm about to die, I hate it!

Doctors tell me it's just stress and anxity but I don't believe them, I hate it, it's do depressing

The last couple of days I've been feeling very heavy headed and my ears feel all blocked up have made another doctors appointment to see another different doctor!! All I want are answers

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Hello Elyse.

Unfortunately the docs are right anxiety has some awful symptoms and the feeling of dread and doom is the one I hate most, it can come over you without warning and it is truly frightening. You may not think you are stressed but tell the doc what you have written here I'm sure it is anxiety he may put you on some medication and it will help, don't keep telling yourself you will get over it the sooner you get help the better for you.

Take care Kenny


Hi Elyse & Welcome

Your symptoms do sound like you are suffering with anxiety as your GP has said & I know how frightening it feels & the symptoms you feel & it can be so hard to believe that anxiety could cause you to feel this way & that this has to be something worse !

It took me years to realize having had all these symptoms myself & thinking it was something terrible that anxiety can & does make you feel this way !

Sometimes when we are in a different environment like on holiday the anxiety can leave us & then when we come home & back to reality it can come back with revenge !

I would go & see another GP if you feel it would help to have a second opinion & hopefully that might help to reassure you as two doctors if they diagnose the same that it would be very un likely they could both me wrong & you could ask what treatments they could recommend to help you , it could be medication or counselling maybe

Keep talking on here , people will support you & you wont feel alone with how you feel which does help knowing you are not alone





Thank you for the advice..

Went to the doctors, she said she might think I have a panic disorder, she has given me stuff to read then I go back and see her in a couple of days!!

I ask her if I could get a brain scan as I'm scared to death there is something wrong with my brain!

Do you know that is seeing black dots a symptom of anxity? Ever since I had my first panic attack I have seen them.. Been to the eye doctor and he said he can see eye floaters but there is nothing to worry about.. I'm just not sure!?!?


Yea panic attack r scary u just have to relax after awhile they go away and they all so have meds that can help u


I'm trying not to have to take medication at this stage.. (But I'm getting to the stage where I might have to) I've been doing yoga, reading books about anxity but nothing seems to help!!

I try to relax but it's just sooo hard :(( the feelings I get in my head are sooo scary


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