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Aniety symptoms are still troubling me

The title says it all. I have been dealing with the symptoms for a long time now, that time being 2-3 years. Hot/cold flashes, palpitations, tingly arm/hands/fingers from time to time, feeling like i have a weak heart, feel a little heavy-headed, slight desensitivity in my face and hands, tiny little sensations in my chest( i would say pains but they dont cause me pain), my face feels like its somewhat stiff. As far as thought process goes, i feel like my heart will stop any second, or sometimes if i try to go to sleep i feel like i will die on the spot which causes me to not get enough sleep sometimes. I feel a little paranoid 24/7 ever since i had it. This last symptom is what makes me about the origin of my anxiety, i feel like the ground sways. Im 16 and i live in california. I dont remember when, but there was an earthquake in my area. A 5.4 and the epicenter was just 1 city over. Ever since than i had anxiety. Could this be why i have it? That symptom is one i always deal with on a daily basis. And its distracting at times. Thanks to anyone has the time to help me out.

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These are all common symptoms of anxiety. You are young with many years ahead of you. Worry will blight your life. Don't be introspective, exercise hard, throw yourself into everything you can. Don't look back. Learn to enjoy things

Good luck

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Since you are on this site I'm guessing you either have no one to confide in or no one understands what is troubling you ... Being a teenager is rough & you have a lot of scary issues to deal with I fully understand & remember those days . If you can go see a doctor to rule out any real health issues & if there are no health problems causing your symptoms research earthquakes in your area ; sometimes getting information about what's troubling you can help . I have been through many of them & it is unsettling honey , but most of the time they aren't that bad . Was there a lot of damage or did anyone get hurt ? If no take comfort in that ok . It's ok to be afraid but anytime you have these feelings tell yourself I am ok even if there is another earthquake I will be ok ; I've made it through one & I can do it again . I hope you discuss your fears with a parent or maybe even a school counselor anyone you feel comfortable talking to (I never had anyone to confide in) . You will be ok 🙂


My father actually has anxiety as well and he does tell tlme how it is and how it makes him feel at times, but the difference is that he is taking meds for it. Im too young to be taking medication for anxiety so i have to find other ways which i have. I have people other than my dad that i can talk to about it, but i just dont tell them how i feel for whatever reason. These are people i can trust as well. My problem is that i usually try to find solutions by myself and without the help of anyone. Thats why im on this site. I figured out that this was something i need help with and i cant go through it on my own. I needed other peoples advice. So i thank you for helping me.


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