Constant Severe Burping

I started burping 6 years ago. I was diagnosed with GERD, Acid Reflux, Gastreoporeses, and chronic Pancreatitis. My GI prescribed Reglan. It stopped the burping but I started shaking badly. He took me off and prescribed Baclofen. That worked great without side effects. Then suddenly in April this year I started burping again constantly and severely. The Baclofen no longer works. I do have anxiety & depression and take meds for that. I have had every test possible, chest xray,Upper GI series, esophagael manametry, 24 ph monitoring. All show negative. No hiatal hernia etc. I tried Motilium from Canada and that doesn't work either. I went to UCLA GI specialist for second opinion. He said I have Supra Gastric Belching and said only treatment is speech therapy. I find it hard to believe in April I suddenly learned the behavior to constantly burp. None of the Speech therapists in all of Los Angeles County where I live even heard of supra gastric belching. Only 2 speech therapists at UCLA heard of it. I went to one of them 3 times. She only knows of one breathing exercise for it which does nothing. I am ready to kill myself. I can't go anywhere or do anything with this burping. Which on September hiccups got added. I am in constant pain and discomfort. I keep losing my voice. Does anyone know how to cure and stop my burping and hiccups? please help me.


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  • Working on the psychological stuff by the sound of it. Mindfullness, meditation, diet, avoid alcohol etc

  • Sometimes anxiety can make us swallow air when we are talking.

  • Thanks. But they determined that I'm not swallowing air. The call it supra gastric belching. That it's a behavioral problem. That I learned how to do it.

    Speech therapy should help. But the ones here don't know the exercises and refuse to research.

  • Research it yourself. Not just on Google. Find medical journals. Google may know therapists in your area who deal with this issue. Good Luck. 🍀

  • I checked on Google. I called every hospital and speech therapy clinic in the San Fernando Valley and not one ever heard of Supra gastric belching or know how to treat it. The Internet has all the medical journals. They don't say anymore than I already posted. I've had this since April so I have researched everything.

  • I had that constant belching it turned out to be a stomach infection you take a breath test to see if you have it

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