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New MRI this month

Due to severe anxiety I decided to have a new MRI in a different country in 10 days time just to rule out the possibility of having developed a brain tumor since the date of my last brain MRI which was done on 10-Aug-2016.

Although all the docs I met said this is very unlikely, I am worried about revealing a small brain tumor as the thought hasn't left me.

Could anyone help how could I overcome such scary thought?


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But you only had an MRI scan 3 months ago. If that was ok I'm amazed it's being repeated so soon especially if your only symptom is anxiety.

Why do you think you have a brain tumour?

Nothing in your post suggests that is even remotely likely


its because been having headaches and bleeding at the back of the throat for nearly 1 month now.


AlexLu, I totally agree with Goldfish. You know having MRIs frequently is not a good idea either. Unless your doctor says you need it, I don't think it's a good idea to go out of the country in order to get another one.

Why don't you see what the ENT doctor says on Monday. Ask him if you need an additional MRI. He may have another input for your worry and concerns. Good Luck


As far as I knew, MRIs are non invasive radiation unlike CT so why is it not a good idea?


So are you going to continue with regular MRI scans? What would make you stop?

who and what are you going to believe?


I am only afraid that I might have a brain tumor which would be fatal :( As long as I got tension headaches I struggle to rid myself off this unhealthy thought.


But the chances of a brain tumour following a normal MRI 3 months ago must be infinitesimally small. More likely you'll have a serious car accident, not that you should transfer you worries to that.

Your tension headaches may well continue for years. Are you going to keep doing regular MRI scans every 3 months? Why not make a deal with yourself that this will be your last brain MRI if it is clear and it will prove how unreliable your thoughts are and why you should trust doctors.

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Ii will do that if it comes out clear


You won't need a new MRI this soon maybe 3 years or more


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