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Please help me / advise me asap :(!!!

So long suffering and still no answers.. feels like delibitating symptoms are just getting worse....

I won't beat around the bush and try and keep short..

Got head pressure / dizziness in 2014, diagnosed with sinus infection.. took ammoxocillin, no luck.. switched to Doxycyline.. no luck

One way to work on bus one morning a few days later.. started to feel really weird & high / out of it.. like I'd just taken eczstacy...

This feeling has never left me in that time, I've found this can be called 'Derealization'.. I don't have Depersonalization as I know who I am etc, I just feel out of it and dreamlike..

I have head pressure on one side and my walking seems / feels off, like my special awareness has gone.. I have pressure in my jaw

I have ringing in my ears, my head feels out of it like it's been zapped with an electric beam

My eyes feel weird and off, like not completely blurry but disfocused, blurred but not blurred (its hard to explain)

I get tremors in my hands

I get twitches and spasms in my feet and face, lip etc

Aching legs

Always exhausted / fatigued

Night sweats

I feel like my mental clarity / Cognitive awareness has gone.. I often jumble words & struggle to keep up a conversation.. literally feel brain dead

More recently ive started to feel hot and sick too, nauseas.. I haven't actually been sick (yet)

The neurological symptoms / brain fog & trouble with mobility is what's troubling me most.. I can walk, it just feels 'off' and I feel weaker and struggle to walk straight without bumping into people

Any suggestions? I Had an early MRI early 2015 but the symptoms were nowhere near a s bad then .. (it was clear)... seeing a neurologist in a few weeks but im just afraid they wont find anything and ill be back to square one again..

Any other suggestions? Im feeling really ill physically and mentally..

K x

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Hi It seems like you are going thru a hard time and i hope things get better soon for you. Have you seen an ENT doc about your sinus issues they could help. One thing that might help in the meantime is diet. cut out sodas and sugary drinks take water, and try green tea that will help to detox your system. only a small step change but it might help.


I an experiencing exactly everything you are saying. I worry about the exact things. Unfortunately for me I have yet to get a doc to give me an mri. I'm beginning to really not like doctors. But just know you are not the only person who feels like this.


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