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I felt like collapsing

Hi i only joined to ask someone this but at school today i was doing a science experiment and all of a sudden all the muscles in my body weakened and i felt like i was going to collapse, luckily i didnt. My eyes also blurred out, i dont know how to describe it but it was like a dark shadow around the outside of my eyes slowly caving in and making my vision more and more blurry. I was shaking so much, i couldnt tell anyone so i just leaned against the wall slowly walking to the teacher and asked sir if i could go to the bathroom. He could obviously tell i wasnt feeling well so he let me go. I have also had a tiny little headache that pops up every now and again.

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Hi kittykattah, Welcome to the Anxiety Forum. It sounds like you were having a panic attack. Have you experienced anxiety in the past? Having been doing a science experiment, I was wondering if you were working with any chemical smell that may have set you off into a panic? Since it has been 2 days since you wrote, let us know how you have been since then. Having that little headache that comes now and then also could be from the lab you are in. (or stress). Take care x


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