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Hi, I'm new to this site and looking for ways to comfort how I'm feeling to be honest hoping it's not just me. I suffer with what has been diagnosed as anxiety but my mood swings and evening depressions make me think it's something more. I'm either non stop smiling or really sad, snappy and moody and I cannot get any control over will power, self control and self criticism. I'm so hard on myself, desperate to lose some weight but being defeated by my mood on a daily basis. Any support/comments would be really welcome


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  • Well I can relate for sure to the mood changes. Through out my day I can start off worried or sad and then as the day goes I'm distressed sad and frustrated then I may feel better later on. Buy I'm the opposite of you with the weight. I'm actually struggling to gain weight. I've lost so much weight with this anxiety and I've never thought I could struggle to gain weight. Isn't that crazy? It's like I'd give anything to be in your predicament with the weight issue. I'm so depressed of how much I lost til some times I cry even looking at myself in the mirror. I wish us the best through this.

  • I'm the same with the mirror. Can't bare looking at myself but also can't stop looking then beating myself up. All the best too, just got to keep ploughing through it ey!

  • It's not just you! You are among friends who are swimming in the same strong current you are. First, be sure you get your thyroid checked. Go to to get a list of all of the tests you need and be sure to find a doc who will run those tests. Then take your results to the thyroid community on HealthUnlocked and show them to those smart people. Also, know you are beautiful and loved and worthy of happiness. It's true. Bless you and I am covering you in prayer and peace.

  • That's a lovely thing to say. Im going to go back to my gp for sure. Thank you

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