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Anxiety comes and goes

I had been diagnosed with anxiety and depression since January this year and was given citalopram which didn't work so am currently on 15mg escitalopram which for 9 weeks seemed to work but now I've gone backwards, not as bad as in the beginning but my question is, is it common for it to come and go and is this going to be my life now?

I've done CBT but it didn't help much. When I crash I then get so depressed.

Appreciate any help.

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:( feel for u i have had this for 15 years have good days and bad today is really bad sorry i cant be much help today ive got brain fog lol plus just joined this site today hope u feel better soon x


Thankyou, it's so hard, feel like I'm on a roller coaster and can't get off! 15 years isn't great, you poor thing, are you on medication?


Have you tried counselling or sertraline? I'm on sertraline and it seems to combatting most of the problem, with the odd glitch here and there


Sertraline is what I am on as well Have been on it now for 15 years and I am 38 works wonderful for me


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