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So I've had this anxiety now for 2 months I was able to go out and be my "normal self" despite the anxiety attacks I would get some odd days. I was going to my college classes with some difficulty it I was there. And now it's been a week since I haven't left my house because just the thought of leaving makes me anxious. I dropped my 3 classes of 5 one is online and the other I have to go to on campus, but guess what I haven't been for the past week and half. I'm so frustrated with my self that I can't even go to the store or even the end of the road with out the stupid panic creeping in. I was fine just a week or two ago, what happened???? I'm trying to stay positive but I feel hopeless I'm too young to be loving with this, I'll check back in a couple days.

In turn I've felt depressed and haven't enjoyed family time here at my house. I was doing so well for it to come back wtf. Tomorrow is a new day. I'll start a new hobby I guess....

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Yep been there you also get paranoid thinking everyone is judging you so you stay in. What you need is a beta blocker like pronanolol start on a low dose like 80mg. I take 160mg and have done for about 8 years before taking these tabs I couldn't even hold a cup of tea without my hand shaking even in my own home but since taking these I don't even notice the anxiety as it blocked out and my confidence has shot up 10 fold you are obviously still young and don't need to be keeping yourself behind closed doors you need to be out and about enjoying life😀


First, have you been to the doc to check your thyroid and iron levels? Have some complete blood work done with a doc that will listen. Next, try some Benadryl. Go with the directions on the package. Next, write down your greatest fear (i.e., I will freak out in class and have to run out) and then go conquer your fear by doing it and proving to yourself the worst is, indeed, never going to happen, Finally, yell at the panic and anxiety. Tell it to F off. Tell it you're stronger than it and it can try as hard as it wants to take you down, but you will conquer it!!! Do one FUN thing a day, even if you fake through it. I am covering you in prayer and peace. You CAN go on and this WILL GO AWAY. Don't worry about feeling sad about all you are going through. That makes you human. I am cheering you on.


I have been dealing with it for about the same time as you i just started working and it isn't easy but i am fighting it, we need to face it head on, i knlw it's easier said than done but keep trying

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