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Everyday a new illness

My anxiety is terrible when it comes to new illness', this weekend alone I have convinced myself I have a lung problem (bad back) some form of cancer and this weekend has also led me to believe I could possibly have Zika. I have recently travelled to Mexico and I was bitten to pieces, I have a rash on my chest and arms but no itching and I feel fairly well, except for my anxiety which never lets me feel 100%. my mum has the same rash but worse and she is bed bound and says she feels the worst she has ever felt. She is off to the docs today, I am getting her to mention my rash to them too, its a close family doc. Now anxiety is leading me to believe that I am going to be bed bound in the next few days as my mum is, also anxiety makes me really worried about her and the fact she could die from this! why is anxiety such a torment like this. I am pretty sure I feel fine but I am convincing myself that I am getting a cold, that's what anxiety does right? what does everyone think?

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I think the concluding sentence sounds correct.

The problem is how to deal with this . Mindfullness, relaxation and computerised cbt (mood gym and living life to the full). Psychological review etc.

Bear in mind the more time you spend thinking about your problems, the less likely they are to go away, so you need to get out of your head and into your life!


it so hard, I have had heart palpitations so know where that pain is felt but today I have had different chest pains slightly higher almost in my neck, when I get a new pain I think to myself oh no this is definitely a serious pain :( so so hard.


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