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Hard to stay positive when you get blindsided by anxiety

Well. I didn't get good sleep the last 3 or 4 days. Maybe 3 hours broken sleep each night. Is this why my mind feels strained? Eyes feel heavy, blurred vision too? Constant dizziness and dull headaches. Also last night started feeling ill like coming down with a flu but never came. Meaning I had sensations of hot flashes in the head, upset/nausea to a point stomach felt like it was in a big knot at one point plus the acid reflux feeling. It's so hard to even want to eat through feeling like this. Not to mention im on day 3 of my menses. I hope this has a lot to do with why i feel like this. Then this morning after having to get up which I barely got 3 hours of sleep last night, I had to be to my daughters game this morning so I'm surprised I made it through that as I felt the anxiety bothering me then. Head pressure, brain felt strained, uneasy feeling, tingling in my face/by my lips. And now it's almost 6 hours later, still couldn't take a nap or relax my mind. I did manage to eat some food just now and hoping it will stay down as I was feeling nausea a little and bubble guts too. But I was able to eat it. I know I need rest badly. And i am so scared to even just take some Nyquil to help me sleep. When all before in the past, I would take otc medicine with no problems if I needed to. Dear Lord, I'm very scared to take it but just know I am in no way trying to abuse taking this medicine. I only intend to take it because I need to get a little rest. Please protect me from any hurt harm or danger. Take away my fears father. Quiet my mind that is so noisy with negative thoughts so that I can hear you. Give me a clean heart, restore my failing health. And forgive me for not having the faith I should have in trusting and knowing you will never leave nor forsake me.

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Icanbeathis2016, It is hard to get through anything without enough sleep. I think you have a combination of both loss of sleep and anxiety. The symptoms are multiplied because of this. Taking OTC medicine for sleep is not a good thing to start. I feel if you could address your anxiety, it would in turn take care of your sleep pattern. If you are on any medication prescribed by your doctor, that can also cause sleep disturbance. Since your symptoms are so wide spread it might be a good idea to have your doctor check you out. Seeing a therapist and going on medication for a short time might help break this cycle you are in. I wish you well dear. x

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