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Does anyone else get super happy when their anxiety's not present

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Something I just noticed. Whenever my anxiety isnt present or isn't as bad and I have a fairly good day I'm twice as happy as usual, when I'm anxiety free for that day I'll have a taste for sweets and coffee and tea etc I'll eat whatever and not feel self conscious or anxious, And I'm overall overwhelmingly happy and excited to the point where I'm laughing, singing and my old goofy self is back, just thinking because that's how my day was today I haven't felt this joyous and energetic and carefree since I was like 15 & it's sad because I know that I'll only get to see that person for that day (today) and don't know how long it'll be before I see him again.😔Anybody else?

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I have suffered with anxiety my whole 32 yrs. But today was also perfect. I was so happy and just relaxed. I have very few days like this

Love those days!! Then Anxiety comes from around the corner and greets me with pleasure! Lol Stay strong, fight for your happiness!!🤗

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No doubt 🙌

You are SO right, hahaha. I have also had more good days recently😄.... but not today😩. When my anxiety is bad and I feel terrible, I am real careful what I eat. It's like I'm afraid if I eat the wrong thing it'll make me worse, or maybe it's gluten or some food allergy making me feel like that. Then, when I have a good day, I'll be eating ice cream or whatever I want without a 2nd thought. I actually try to eat somewhat healthy most of the time, but it's definitely different when I'm feeling good. And, yes, it's like I truly appreciate and see the beauty in everything on those good days. I don't take ANYTHING for granted! See, that's one way this mess is going to be a blessing to us one day. We are going to have a much greater appreciation for life. We will give the word "happy" new meaning! Keep singing!

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Keejay in reply to Usagold

Those last few sentences. Got to me. The feels. Lol thnx, I've always seen the beauty in everything but I do believe what we go through is God's way of preparing us for the blessings to come our way, so that when it does come we appreciate it 10x over than if our health weren't plagued by this illusive disability which is why I view this as a gift and a curse because it overwhelms and frightens us but it also opens our eyes to seeing the beauty in not only our world but ourselves as well as others and to better care for ourselves and the environment around us. Thank you for understanding and your word meant alot and as for the singing I'll do it as often as I can for you.

I remember when anxiety didn't bother me for two weeks then all of a sudden.

Anxiety: 'guess who's back and better than ever!' lol I'm sorry. But sooner, this is going to be all behind me and I am going to be anxiety free, happy, live life to the fullest. 😊💜 Hope the same to you too!

I too have experienced both the "happy days" and better appetite, fairly similar to the old me, the one i miss... I could go on and on writing a book about things ive discovered because ive been dealing with this for almost 8 yrs.. I take advantage of every second of happiness i get because i dont know when it will happen again..maybe thats the problem and i just havent figured out how to stop it...i think that because when this nasty cycle seems to calm down i put myself right back into it constantly worrying when its coming back if that makes sense..

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Keejay in reply to Jamie1982

Makes perfect sense, our happiness will return one day Jamie hopefully for good let's just keep hoping and fighting

My short answer to you is YES...but also surprised and grateful more than actual high happy. I have come to believe I don't know what joy is anymore.

Maybe that's what you're feeling, and I am happy for you.

Unfortunately today my companion is riding with me. What is, is, yes?


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