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Ok so yesterday at work I felt very tired and disoriented but thought it was because I was tired. In the morning after work I felt sweaty and kind of lightheaded. And as if I couldn't feel my body. I went home and slept a long time. When I woke up I was fine except I still felt super tired. Maybe an hour or two after I was just on my laptop when I started feeling disoriented again. Then I just brushed it off and in my room. I had coffee and half an hour later I started to shake and have cold sweats and felt a bit faint in a way. This almost set my panic off when I realised it could be because of the coffee. Or Also I'm due on my period in a day or two and every month few days before my period I already get slight cramps and tiredness. I know some women can suffer with dizziness, fainting, cold sweats and shakiness during or before their period so I'm just wondering could it just be the hormones before my period and maybe the coffee made it worse. I used to faint during my periods and before I did my cramps would get bad. I would sweat. I felt sick. And shaky until I almost fainted. So maybe it's just the hormones. But I'm slightly scared it could be my heart


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  • Hi Angiecis22, coffee certainly didn't help. A lot of times people reach for caffeinated drinks when their tired and want that "pick up". With Anxiety, it works against us. Making sure you eat something as well as hydrate is important when feeling lightheaded. When you experienced shakiness and cold sweats and a bit faint it was most likely the caffeine in the coffee which constricts the blood vessels making you go from sweaty to cold sweats. Before menses, hormonal changes can contribute to you feeling so bad, so tired as well. It doesn't sound like your heart but we are not doctors and always suggest if it's something different that you are experiencing to please call your physician. I hope you start feeling a little better soon. My best. x

  • Thank you yes I don't think I should of drank that coffee especially because I was pretty stressed today so my anxiety was probably close to the line and drinking coffee just pushed it over the line and yeah. I decide to talk to friends about what they're up to and all and play some games on my phone as a distraction and it went away after some time

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