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Cant get a deep breath

I wake up a lot of mornings and feel like I cant take a deep breath. This starts getting me anxious and making me think I cannot breathe right. I was diagnosed with mild to moderate asthma. However, even without an inhaler I never had an asthma attack. It almost feels like something is stuck in my lungs to prevent me from taking deep breaths.. This becomes so stressful.

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Hey katie i get this sumdays when i wake up or during the day. I also have asthma but i find if u can yawn u can sumtimes get that deep breath u feel u need.

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Hi there,

I have suffered anxiety and depression I think I have learnt how to notice when it's coming on, get a tense feeling through my gut.

It may / may not work for you but has for me, if you have an iPad or laptop try the guided meditation that's on you tube, just type it in on the you tube search, one in particular called blissful deep relaxation works for me. It does really relax your breathing and ease any tension.

Just go to somewhere where you can listen to it in a chair or laying down, but when you can also fall asleep !

I use it last thing in the day and I get a better refreshing sleep from it as well and it's made a real difference for me and it's not really something I really believed in the past. :-)

All the best.


I get the exact same thing pretty much every morning when I wake up. You're not alone and good luck on your healing journey!


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