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Running scared

Hello everyone,

I had an attack so bad this evening that I ran out of the house. My face was numb and I couldn't catch my breath. So over this anxiety thing. I had a shooting pain down my left arm, my heart feels like its about to jump out of my chest. Can this REALLY be anxiety? Can it really affect your body like this? I had to pop a Xanax. It hasn't kicked in yet, hence the reason why I'm still up at 12:41am. #ijustwantpeace

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There are plenty of posts on here with similar stories. In fact it seems unusual for anyone to describe their symptoms as "mild"

Loads of physical symptoms with anxiety, just read the other posts.


@Goldfish_ Thank you. I've read so many symptoms about anxiety, it's just crazy how it can affect your body. I seriously think I'm having a heart attack. I just want it to stop. It wears me completely out!


so work on the anti anxiety things. MIndfullness, relaxation etc and beware that googling and medical contacts for physical worries will make things worse

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