Head/body jolts

I've been visiting this site a lot less and doing better with my anxiety which is good news! Learning to accept the symptoms I get and be ok with them. But I've noticed a lot lately when I'm not even anxious , a lot of times my head , but sometimes my body or like and arm or a leg will jolt .. i can't control it it's weird . It's like it just makes a quick movement, and it's not a twitch. Just wondering if anyone has ever experienced this, it would be helpful to know!

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  • Glad to hear your doing better! I myself haven't really been on much because I have been trying to stay busy. I used to get the jolts in my body when I was trying to go to sleep. It really scared me until I realized it never actually harmed me.. Just remember.. What you give power to has power over you.. Hope you feel better with the random jolts you get. I really wouldn't worry about it much. Take care 😘😀

  • Hi Charityjones, I use to get this myself. The head/body jolts are really just coming from over stressed nervous system. So you don't even have to be anxious. Usually happens when you start to relax. Nothing to worry about, the body is just trying to react to something it's not use to. Take care

  • Yes a lot of people say this happens before they fall asleep but I've had those before .. these are a tad different . It's not like I'm jumping , my head will move like a slight jolt and body, it's not like it is when you're almost asleep usually and it happens. It kinda reminds me of people who have like a tic but instead it isn't my face that's doing it lol

  • Hey Charity, I get this too when I'm either really stressed or when I'm trying to go to sleep! I was worried about it being neurological but I told my doctor and apparently it's normal. I also get it worse when I don't eat or sleep properly. They seem to be big triggers for me. Hope it helps to know you're not alone in this!

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