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Can't breathe

Please had anyone had this , I am still awake , been u most of night doing my figures and paperwork I have a big visit tomorrow at work , I just feel I can't breathe it's weird my nose feels stuffy I can't decide if it's a panick attack I can't seem to get cool enough air into my mouth I'm convinced I may have to stick my head out into front door gosh I'm beyond shattered , it's been a hell of a few weeks too , very stressful my little boy started school late didn't have a place. I'm trying to breathe slowly , think it's a cold or chest infection oh just not gonna sleep am I help binkynoo

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I feel that way a lot. Anxiety makes it worse but sometimes it really does have to do with us being extra sensitive to a stuffy nose. I get a great deal of comfort from using a neti pot. It has staved off many a panic attack. I highly recommend one. In the meantime, I'm guessing you are fine.


Symptom of anxiety are shortness of breath, restless, fear of death, lightheaded, mind working very fast just like finished running 100 meters. Can't sleep due to thinking a lots, some might be negative thoughts. Take a deep breath, tell yourself "I am alright". Try to relax your mind.


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