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Nothing feels real

I have suffered with anxiety and depression for quite some time and thought it could be some sort of really bad physical illness.

This past week has been really bad as nothing feels real all the time and I am really scared of everything.

I go to bed and I am frightened of what's happening and I'm scared of where I am, like really scared.

I'm sick probably twice to three times a day and I'm worried I will be like this forever.

I have recently started on sertraline , any advice?

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Just keep the hope and faith in yourself and all you are going through. Believe that you can get through this because you can. I was at that stage a couple months ago. It was horrifyingly hard...but I am now able to manage better. I still struggle but it is no longer so terrifying. You are going to pull through this...keep fighting for yourself. I believe in you!


Have you looked into a counsellor to maybe sort out some of your thoughts? I've been in your position and it can be so overwhelming. A counsellor has been helping me sort my thoughts out and it's been helping!


Sounds like the sertraline isn't helping at all - perhaps exacerbating the original reason you started taking it-

Possibly you suffered some kind of traumatic event or life changing crisis or loss or for me it was losing my sense of safety after being hit while in a relationship - medication merely leaves the symptoms buried underneath disallowing the mind and body to get to the source of the problem - it only delays the need to investigate what where and why the body began to react to an unpleasant experience - our bodies aren't meant to be treated like robots - we are mind body and spirit - which when faced with what feels like a life threatening situation can fragment - maybe causing disassociation - pretending we're not there - and somewhere else - numbing feelings and burying the memory - but our only way out and to resolve the panic inducing symptoms in the here and now is to face it head on and investigate, deal with it and finally put it to bed - one of the best ways of doing this is to begin writing a journal and trying to trace back to childhood anything similar that could be triggering unpleasant symptoms in the here and now. I had to do that for myself and Alice Miller a world renowned author of The Drama of The Gifted Child (found in libraries) helped me to figure out why I wasn't taking care of myself and choosing unpleasant relationships that made me very unhappy.


I’m going through the same thing. This is all knew to me and it’s hard to tell myself I’m not sick it’s anxiety. This is a nightmare.


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