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I Thought I Beat My Health Anxiety, And Now I Think I Have Liver Cancer. HELP!

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So it started with an odd feeling on the right side of my ribs, like under them. It felt full and uncomfortable. Then this pain went away. Sometimes it would come back after a long day. Then it started with the back pain. The back pain is on the middle of my back by the right side. It hurts lots it feels sore and if i move a certain way sometimes it stings where y liver would be. The pain comes and goes but for the past few days I have been freaking out over it. Even now as i type this Im having twinges of pain on my side.

I think I should see the doctor just in case but I don't wanna bother him all that much either. He knows about my Health Anxiety and tries and gets me thought it. However like all other times I think "this is the end".

Anyone have any advise?

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Hi MariMari19, don't worry about bothering the doctor, your peace of mind is more important. A quick exam of the liver area as well as a blood test, should answer your concerns. It's not the end, hopefully a step closer to calming your Health Anxiety down some. Keep us updated.

Do you have yellow eyes and/or skin? Are you nauseous? Losing weight? If you answered no to these questions, you almost certainly do not have liver cancer.

You should still see your doc though, because likely, you have acid reflux.

Liver cancer at the age of 19! Now that really is extremely unlikely, in fact almost unheard of.

What about indigestion or a minor problem that is much more likely?

Why not try some regular antacids and see how it goes for a week or so. If it persists then fair enough to go and see your doctor, but as for liver cancer and dying, that really is extremely unlikely.

It could also be a muscle spasm(s), brought on by unrelenting anxiety. I had this very thing exactly as you describe it.

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