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Quit pot and had an anxiety attack, feeling disconnected will it go?

I'm wondering if it really was the pot, I had an anxiety attack for the first time a bit after quitting pot. And since then things felt off, life felt fake at the start, then it moved to feeling out of my body, then I got the sensation of pure dizzyness and feeling out of it, now I'm only feeling out of it. I have definitely felt myself improve, I wanna say it's been almost 3 months of this now and I just want to know if I truly am going to be completely better one day...

Has anyone else had this issue? Did it ever go away? Some answers would be much appreciated! Btw I'm a 19 year old male in college thank you god bless.

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Well, I did smoke one pot with friends and one guy put something else in it, I did have hallucinations and the ambulance had to come... a month after that I had anaesthetic at the dentist and a few hours later I had this massive flashback and since then those panic attack started ....I didn't smoke on a regular basis , so not sure if it was just coincidence?? ... I did read though about ex pot smoker, that they do suffer from panic attacks, hallucinations, etc., I saw a TV report in Germany which was well done...


Thank you for sharing, I think that's what I have, it's been 3 months though and it's like a living hell. I HAVE improved though I just wanna been completely normal again


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