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After an attack and general anxiety?

Hi everyone, after suffering an attack two days ago after being attack free for weeks, I lost the sense to work through it. The day after I was stuck with palpitations, the butterfly feeling all over my body and twitches as well as loss of appetite. Does anybody go through this too? It drives me mad. It eventually calmed down and today I feel better but at the time I think I'm stuck with it. X

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Yes go through this a lot it takes me weeks to calm down Im constantly on edge really hate it anxiety is awful especially health anxiety as you are constantly on alert never ending


I have rescently started having anxety attcaks again after being free of them for about a year and now I'm constantly anxious again so I know how you feel. Its so annoying isn't it cos you thonk you have beaten them and got them under control, your confidence improves then BANG, they're back! So annoying. And I always get the feeling I'm not in control/they are never gonna end when Im having one, no matter how many I have. Takes me ages to calm down to. And then you fear you might get another cos it was such a horrible feeling. You're not alone x


i really felt anxiety/panic free for 6 years- and then, following an unfortunate expeirience with NLP training it all came back, +some OCD.

so now i have really good days, when i feel vibrant and really enjoying my life, socializing and being active; and have rather neurotic/anxious days- and one thing i found helpful is acceptance of the impermanence of things:

if you consider life at large, things are constantly in flux, and changing. our bodies are constantly changing, events and situations change constantly around - nothing is ever standing still.

what i am trying to say is that i realised that certainly there are calm, pleasant times- but they are mostly impermanent (not just for anxious people, it's like that for most people- ups and downs)

and then there are these unpleasant disturbing times- but they are also impermanent and transient.

so what i have been trying to do when i start feeling the nagging panicy/anxious/on edge sentiments- i do my best to remember that it is a day at a time- and sometimes an hour at a time. it sort of helps, because it takes away the great weight of "ever". i hope it makes sense- and hope you feel better. one day at a time!


I'm the same as Sharon.

After a really bad bout of Health Anxiety it takes me weeks to get back on an even keel as I'm on 'red alert' for any illness signs or symptoms.


Its awful isn't it .Im on red alert all the time Im in bed now thinking i can't swallow my tongue swollen Im dizzy .I hate being like this


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