Living on chocolate and rice cakes

I have a toothache went to Dentists and he pumped me full of novacaine and when he tried to loosen my back tooth the pain was exrusiating spelt wrong but you get my meaning so now I am taking amoxcillin 500 grams I use that tooth to chew witch is important to me because of this Achalasia i will now have to chew using front teeth.

My social anxiety is getting worse I hate or fear being in places where there are lots of people and I pray I dont know anyone because i will just shrivel and die. How long can I take this isolation ? I know my mental health is suffering badly. All my health workers seem to listen but nothing changes. I know if I mention hurting others or myself i might get sectioned and that is not a pleasant place far to many suffering psychosis which will maje me feel worse. I feel my mefs are working. I must meditate and be stronger.

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  • Dodo, Sorry to hear of your experience with the dentist. How has your Achalasia been? Are you able to get food and drink down? You seem so personable on the forum, it's hard for me to believe you have social anxiety. Isolation certainly isn't good for anyone. I spent 4 out of 6 years agoraphobic and finally the 4 walls started closing in on me. It didn't seem so bad at the beginning but it does eventually get to a person. I'm glad you have the health workers but if nothing changes that puts you right back to square one. You wouldn't hurt yourself would you?? I'm glad the meds are working but it's only as good as you taking them and not skipping any doses. Meditation and your guitar seem to be an outlet for you.

  • You have to hang in there Dodo777

    Its a long hard struggle at times but find some comfort in knowing that your never truly alone, when your experiencing these overwhelming thoughts/symptoms, there'll be someone else in this community probably feeling exactly the same, you have to carry on with the meds, carry on talking and try and get the best out of your health team, don't give up and stay strong for yourself because your worth it, you deserve peace and happiness same as anyone else, make yourself your top priority, :-) x

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