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Worried again

I went to my OB GYN yesterday for a possible yeast infection which I have no symptoms of except an inner itch and mild at that so he gave me meds for that but what's concerning me us there were white blood cells in my urine dip , so I got very nervous snd he said its common for someone with an infection, but I'm not convinced I have an infection, anyone ever have WBC in their urine? Sorry if too much info. lynl

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Not everyone.will get full blown symptoms with infections, if the dip tests shows infection then I'd say you can't really argue with that, even though you don't feel symptoms, the itch must of been such that its prompted you to question it and perhaps if it hadn't.of been detected now you may have developed more symptoms later, I'm not up on info of how cells work etc, but I think in this case I'd accept the diagnosis and take the treatment, sorry if this hasn't helped much but hopefully you'll feel better about things soon :-) xx

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Thank you suzie

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