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For some reason my anxiety and depression is there in the morning and day time making me feel extremely bad. But at night it all goes away and I feel fine. But in the day time I wish I was dead. Explain that for me please. Yes I do take lexapro a anti depressant and xannx sometimes when I need it. But the day & night are exact opposite. WHY & HELP


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  • Restokley, I have had the same thing. The adrenaline is much higher in the early morning causing the anxiety to get worse. As the day goes on, the adrenaline drops and by nighttime it is low enough that we feel good. I too am on Lexapro and was on Xanax.

  • Very interesting fact that Agora I never knew that!

  • I feel exactly the same . I dread waking up because I feel nauseous and my body tingles and my mind is full of negative thoughts . Everything looks miserable and I am thinking that I will never be happy or feel at peace again. I am so fortunate compared to many but knowing that makes me feel guilty and that I have no right to happiness . I get up and have a drink which alleviates the symptoms and then have a time of reflection , I find praying helps and reading the Bible but recognise that's not for everyone . I can usually get through the day but my thoughts are still preoccupied with the what ifs and then about 6pm I am full of doom and gloom . I sometimes have an alchohol drink then as I am not so meds . In a strange way it is comforting to know that the morning feeling happens to others . I hope you feel better today as it is horrible .

  • Dear Restokley, When I was seriously ill with depression I could not even get out of bed in the mornings, except to pee! I usually managed to get up by midday, and then on some days I would suddenly feel better in an instant between 4 and 6 in the afternoon. I was on Prozac then, for depression, and it then morphed into anxiety, so now I am on Sertraline. One thing I used to do, which seemed to help, was to go up and down stairs once, and then rest while congratulating myself on making the effort. If I could do it twice next time, so much the better. That usually managed to kick-start me into doing something more interesting. AS LONG AS YOU REST BETWEEN EFFORTS, the more you can do, while praising yourself, the more you will feel able to do. BUT, sadly that doesn't mean that the next day you may won't wake up feeling like s*** again. BUT YOU WILL GET WELL!!! Wishing you well soon, Pearwig.

  • Thank you for the positive idea that we will get well, I am another who is so depressed in morning that I dread wakening!

  • no answers but I am exactly the same doesn't make sense :(

  • I have had Anxiety and depression and panic attacks for over 30 years now. At night you're probably at home where we feel safer so it's not as bad at night. I had a real good counselor ans she gave me this book but in tape form so I could listen to it. I would recommend it to you. Barnes and you-cant-afford-the-luxury-of-a-negative-thought. Peter Mcwilliams. please get it and read it it helped most.

  • You might want to ask ur doctor to take u off lexapro because it can make u suicidal and I got taken off of lexapro and I feel much better

  • I also think it's cos you know once night time comes you got through the day an you can now just get in bed an try chill out! I'm worse in the day than the night an that's what I think it is with me cos then once I know my daughters in bed an I don't have to do anything I feel better

  • So true Aimeeb123, there are many factors that play into morning anxiety, starting at night when we are already anticipating waking up in the morning. The seed is planted in our minds.

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