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Dont understand

So ive had slight anxiety since i was a teenager, now 20. I mostly just overthought everything and would stress way too hard about tests. I had the absolute best summer ive ever had, i met and started dating the most perfect guy at the beginning of summer, was not anxious at all the whole summer, literally everything was perfect for once. Well about two weeks after i started commuting to college (the end of august) really bad anxiety hit me out of nowhere. I was overthinking ever little thing possible, couldnt eat, would throw up from not eating, i thought my bf was going to leave me because of my anxiety and all those kind of thoughts, etc. i started taking effexor 37.5 mg on september 24 and it has been helping a lot but now it is a week before my period and my anxiety is awful again. I get hot flashes, intrusive thoughts, overthink things in my relationship, etc and im so tired of it. I just want to go back to how i was during the summer. I dont understand why or how my anxiety got so bad when everything was perfect. I want to be completely happy again with no stupid intrusive thoughts or worrying about little things. Can anyone help me with things i can do to stop these intrusive thoughts and worrying or things (vitamins or herbs) that you take around period time so your anxiety doesnt get worse?

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I'm a female as well and when it comes to menstruation things always go down hill. This has to do with hormones. But it can also be effected by how much sleep you get, what you're eating etc. Yoga helps a lot because you are focusing on relaxation and blood circulation. Also communication in your relationship is big. You should be able to tell them how you feel and what you think and the reason you think that. It helps when they can use logic to dismiss intrusive and irrational thoughts.


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