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What am I gonna do?

Hi, I've now wanted to talk about a major part of my anxiety that I feel has impacted my life and has made me become reliant on propranolol.

You see, ever since my anxiety got worse I have developed cardiophobia. I started to become obsessed with my heart and worried non stop about heart attacks and disease. So much that I took more propranolol tablets and became addicted to heart rate apps. Now I no longer use the apps but I feel like the propranolol are what's keeping me stable. And because of that, I no longer feel safe without taking them. I feel like my body and heart are exposed without taking propranolol. Every time I try to live without taking one, I go into a panicked state and my heart shoots up over 150bpm and keeps increasing. It's very scary! Even though I'm 22 and have no signs of heart disease, I can't help but feel that this has put me in danger! I feel like I'm living a totally different life than what I used to when my anxiety wasn't as bad.

Lately I'm on my last line of propranolol and I don't know when I'll get another prescription so I feel like my days are numbered. I have yet to find someone who has taken this seriously. I feel like I have a condition or some type of body awareness that has put me in danger. I know this is not a medical site so I might not get the best answer possible but I really need to know. Is this all just anxiety and can I get over this and be able to live without propranolol? Or am I doomed? Thanks.

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This is a strong medication and your doctor should wean you off them slowly. I've read that many people have a hard time getting off this pill and they just can't stop cold turkey. See the doctor again and tell him your concerns and I hope he will give you the best advice.

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Marc0133, becoming obsessed with your heart is a very common addiction with anxiety. However, as sookiedee stated this is a powerful medication that shouldn't be taken on and off but as prescribed by your doctor. Stopping cold turkey is not an option. Please contact the prescribing physician and let him know you are about to run out of your meds. When you go into an accelerated heart rate it's not anxiety causing it as much as it is about you skipping a dose. There are other alternatives your doctor may use to help with your anxiety over cardio phobia.


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