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Hi there, everyone! I'm Austin and brand new to this group. I recently moved to Madison, WI and am experiencing anxiety about not being able to find a job around here. I've had tons of interviews, and only 2 offers for jobs that I applied to for the heck of it but didn't fit well with my anxiety. I accepted one offer, but it didn't work out because of a panic attack I wasn't able to effectively manage.

Looking for some support, love, advice, and suggestions, as I am feeling like giving up the search ( which I know will be detrimental to my emotional well being).

Thanks for reading and hope to hear from you guys and gals.

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Hi SavageGardener, Welcome to the Anxiety Forum. It's a little quiet on the weekends, but know that the forum has men and women of all ages who deal with anxiety and are here to support, care and understand. I may not know about job availability but do know how beautiful a city Madison is. I had friends who attended the University of Wisconsin and actually attended their wedding in the little chapel on campus.

I am sure others will contribute their suggestions and ideas on adjusting to a new city as well as looking for a job. Don't give up the search. Good Luck!


Hi Austin,

I've actually lived in Madison for a long time, and I can really relate to your difficulties. It's really hard to find good jobs here--lots of things to do and get involved in; much harder to find a job that will support you. The jobs here seem to be at the UW, at one of the hospitals or their clinics, for the State, or at Epic Systems (in Verona.) There are a few jobs the City hires for regularly, like bus driver, and there's also the school district, depending on what your field is. I've know quite a few people who have driven for Union Cab, which is a collectively-owned business. There are a couple of job-search support groups here, offered through the UW Continuing Studies program. Hope that is of some help to you, and best wishes to you.


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