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Losing hope

So I been on zoloft for almost 6 months they have upgraded my dose 4 times it helped a little I felt like I was acually getting my life back, but for the past days I been feeling bad again this morning I had a bad anxiety attack I feel depressed like I'm never going to feel better, I don't know if I should continue my meds or just stop, my doc said I should drink them for 1 year but idk if I should. I just want to be me again.

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Im on zoloft too, its been working perfectly fine for me. Have you experienced any side effects? Since you think of quitting you must be feeling worse with them? If not, if its just desperate thinking, if you should just try and stop, I would suggest you not to.

May I know what your anxiety is like?


I'm just always worrying and thinking that something bad is going to happen to me, I did have bad side effects the first few weeks than I seen improvement I just recently started on 150 mg and I was doing ok but today was bad I don't know what I should do. How long have you been on zoloft? Did you have any side effects?


izzy01, I am not a doctor but I do believe 6 months with dose increases is a long enough trial period. It may be that your body does not react to Zoloft. You cannot just stop on your own but need to talk again with your doctor about any alternatives. I wish you well. x

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