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This is some bull s*!+

I mean I got up this morning I started off feeling ok. Been up out the bed since about 10 am but my eyes were open since about 8 am. So it's 12 56 am now. So basically I've been up for almost 16 hours with no nap or anything. I'm in bed now but I feel so damn ill. I feel like flu like symptoms. My body feels weak. I'm so scared to even go to the bathroom to use it because I feel like I'm gonna fall out. I'm so disturbed right now. Earlier today was ok. I ate ok. But as the day progressed my body and feelings changed. Started getting upset stomach. Feeling dull aches throughout my body and then came the worry. I don't even know what brought on me feelings so weak tonight. Now I'm scared to sleep. And I've already been up 16 hours. My eyes are tired. I'm ball up in my bed feeling like I'm sick and I have not one reason to be sick at all. And my thoughts are all over the place. I don't see how people are willing to sleep through this. I'm too worried.

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