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Why does this happen

Don't no if it's just me but recently I've been doing so well with my anxiety. I've come down with (what I think is a virus) sore throat, cold etc usual sort of thing when weather turns colder, and my anxiety has hit the roof, I feel like I can't breathe properly, I'm not used to feeling this panicky again, I'm getting restless and annoyed and also feeling scared, I'm up and down like a yoyo, can't work out what to do to make myself feel less anxious and not worried 😩

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Hi dizzychar, I'm sorry you are feeling under the weather. I'm glad that you have been doing well with the anxiety until now. What you are feeling is normal when you get sick. Try to remind yourself that a virus (cold) has a beginning and an end unlike anxiety that kind of goes up and down with symptoms. The feeling that you can't breathe properly is due to the virus but you are simulating it with your past anxiety. You're restless feeling is due to your body trying to fight off the cold. To feel less anxious, address your cold symptoms and not your anxiety. Do what feels best to pamper yourself. A cup of hot tea, soup, covering up with a blanket and reading a book, watching a movie etc. This is your "me time" from the daily schedule. This is what being sick feels like. Wishing you well soon. x


Thank you agora, I'm so frustrated, il try a cup of tea and a sit down, just finding it really hard and feel I need to do more to take my mind off it, finding it hard to relax (which I remember all too well) after doing well for a while it's hard to remember that it is just anxiety it always seems worse or something else, that's the best I can describe it. Thanks for your well wishes, hope your well also x


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